Air Conditioner Leaking? 7 Easy Fixes


How can you tell if you have a problem with your air conditioner leaking? If it is, you’re not alone. 90% of all service calls made to central air repairmen are due to leaks. If not fixed as soon as possible, the water damage that can come from an air conditioner leaking can be huge. And expensive. We’re talking ceiling and wall replacements to mold removal and flooring fixes.

 The most common Air Conditioner Leaking issues can be solved at home, by YOU.


You don’t need a technician for the 5 most common leaks. The first reason you may have an AC leak is if there’s a crack or hole in your overflow drain pan.

1. Crack in Your Overflow Drain Pan

An overflow drain pan is attached to your AC unit. It’s designed to catch any water runoff like condensation that comes from your AC unit. In order to find out if there’s a hole or a crack in your overflow drain pan, you’ll want to get a flashlight and look inside your unit. However, every unit is different so make sure you have your AC guide. You can also look up your specific brand online for more info on where your drain pan is. Next, inspect the drain pan at all angles as well as possible. Check the corners, underneath and the sides. If you spot water or moisture on the floor, follow it and see if there’s a crack in your drain pan. Take a look at your average drain pan below.

Air Conditioner Leaking-florida public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air Conditioner Leaking: Your average drain pan is found underneath the unit. It catches any condensation that drips off from your AC unit.









A drain pan is found underneath your AC unit. See this next image of what it may look like when you inspect your unit in order to find out where the source of the leak is. If you can find a leak in your drain pan, you’ve saved yourself money. The average cost for calling out a central-air repairman is $600 to  $1,900. This includes the cost for parts (that you can typically buy at Home Depot or Lowes), new Freon, and labor.

air conditioner leak-florida public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air Conditioner Leaking: Your drain pan may have a hole or a crack in it. It could also be overflowing.


Is your air conditioner over 12 to 15 years?

Your drain pan may also be damaged or rusted. If that’s the case, just replace it. With some units, it may be harder to get to than other machines, so you’ll have to understand how to access it, depending on which brand made your AC unit.

2. Clogged Drain Line

The most common reasons for an air conditioner drain pan overflow is a clogged drain line. A clogged drain line is usually the culprit for your air conditioner leaking. A drain line is found on your AC unit. It’s coming out from your unit and attached to a wall. Here’s a picture to help you locate your drain line:

air conditioner leaking-florid public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air conditioner leaking: Your drain line can be cleaned out in case it has sludge or dirt, and sometimes even mold lodged inside.

This is an easy fix, for most units. You’ll want to unclog the dust, dirt, or mold that causes water to back up. Here’s what a clogged drain line looks like:

air conditioner leaking-bulldog adjusters-florida public adjusters

Air Conditioner Leaking: Your drain line, also called the condensate line, removes condensation created by the evaporator coil.

For air conditioner leaking issues due to clogged drain lines that are too difficult to reach, call your HVAC professional. He’ll have a vacuum that is specifically designed to unclog your unit. Want to impress your family and YOURSELF? Clean it out with your own two hands. Check out how Doug unclogs his drain line, (also known as condensate line).

Air conditioner condensation line leaking? …All you need is vinegar

Doug has another video that shows you how to use different equipment for unclogging your drain line. (You can subscribe to his channel and watch all of Doug’s great videos here!)


3. Replace A Dirty Air Filter

This could be a dirty air filter. If your air filter is dirty, the air isn’t going to be able to flow over the evaporator coil. If the evaporator coil doesn’t have the airflow moving over it, it freezes. Once it melts, it begins to drip. This is going to cause AC water leakage which will end up pooling around your unit causing water damage inside your home. Change your air filter every 1 to 3 months. Here I am explaining the different kinds of air conditioner filters that you’ll find at your local hardware store.

Which one will you want to buy? Click on the video below!

air conditioner leaking-florid public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air Conditioner Leaking: A dirty air filter will cause your AC unit to not cool your house efficiently…or SUFF-iciently


A dirty air filter causes the evaporator coil to freeze, creating a water leak when it melts,” says Natalie at Bulldog Adjusters.

4. Clear plants away from the condenser

Air flow can easily be obstructed by trees or bushes or tall grass. Make sure to trim these shrubs and plants. Your condenser should have at least 3 feet of open space all around it.

5. Create shade for the unit

Your condenser works hard to cool off the freon in your AC unit. One of the easiest fixes that you can do is create shade over your condenser. Placing some shade over your condenser will expand the lifetime of your unit by helping it not get overheated.


6. Check for a refrigerant leak

Your AC unit typically has around 10 pounds of refrigerant in it. If your refrigerant is leaking, the evaporator coil won’t have the ability to warm up. That means you’ll experience a water leak and water damage when it overflows. In order to refill your refrigerant, turn off your AC unit.

air conditioner leak-florid public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air conditioner leak: Refrigerant is responsible for cooling the hot coils that release the collected heat into the air outside.









Adding refrigerant to your unit yourself can be a tricky process because, for part of it, you’ll actually want your air conditioner to remain on.  This Do It Yourself guide will help you get an idea of how to add freon to your AC unit by yourself, however, for this, we do recommend that you seek professional assistance.

7. Keep your AC unit at a reasonable setting- don’t let it freeze

Air conditioners can freeze, it’s true. How does freezing happen?

  • You have a water leak
  • The unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant
  • An AC unit is left for a long time on the highest setting.

Your AC unit should never be set on on the highest setting and left there. It works best at the temperature of 70 to 72˚ F. However, if your AC unit is frozen, turn it off and let it thaw.

Which air conditioners have the highest level of satisfaction?

Several factors go into making a homeowner satisfied with their air conditioning unit. Maintenance is definitely one of them. Out of all the different brands to choose from, homeowners most appreciated the AC units that were easy to maintain without having to call the maintenance guy for every little issue.

air conditioner leaking-florid public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air conditioner leaking: 45 random homeowners gave their opinions on the AC unit brands that they are currently using to cool their homes.

Are air conditioners dangerous if I don’t maintain them?

Get your air conditioner tuned at least a couple of times a year. Statistics haven’t changed much for this year, in that fires involving an AC unit are most prevalent during the Summer.

Air conditioner leaking-florid public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air conditioner leaking: 12% of home fires can be attributed to not maintaining your AC unit. In 2017, this percentage is 15%








Keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape!

Maintain your air conditioner seasonally and annually. It’s easy and for most maintenance needs, you can do it yourself.

Air conditioner leaking-florid public adjuster-bulldog adjusters

Air conditioner leaking: Maintaining your AC unit has never been easier. Use this guide from Bulldog Adjusters to make quick fixes yourself!












Remember, if your refrigerator is leaking, we have an easy Do It Yourself guide for fixing your refrigerator!

Call Bulldog Adjusters if your AC unit causes water damage

Your AC unit may leak, causing your ceiling to have water damage or your walls, floors and more. Let Bulldog Adjusters help you to get the most out of your claim. We understand the homeowners insurance claim process from inside and out. We want to give you a free inspection. Call me, Vince at 954-507-4210. I’ll come over and look at your water damage. I’ll check to see if you have mold. We’ll take care of you during the entire process. An AC leak can be daunting. Bulldog Adjusters gets the MAXIMUM settlement for claims in Florida.

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