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Posted on DIY January 3, 2019

As a busy business owner, I don’t get much time to learn about problems like leaky pipes until I’m suddenly up to my knees in water. I don’t know what to do about mold until I see a yellowish growth on the bathroom ceiling.This summer, we’re talking about prevention.

The Home Maintenance Checklist is for the homeowner who wants to understand what Florida home insurance covers, what the indications of a sinkhole are, and backyard landscaping techniques that are trending EVERYWHERE, especially in the Sunshine State.

Here’s how to get to Florida from our homeowners who are SO lost when it comes to facts and fix-its that it’s like they’re living in outer space.

Tune in and stay informed

You’re the homeowner who loves to do it yourself. That’s why we’re also covering summer DIY projects and home maintenance checklist fix-its for 2019.  Sign up for our animated shorts that will be sent straight to you.

The summer DIY projects that I’m most interested in take less than AN HOUR and they don’t require that many tools AT ALL. I don’t feel comfortable with my 5 year old handling a chainsaw or mixing cement, so my hacks are easy, quick and involve maybe 2 or 3 ”ingredients”. Maybe 4, but don’t worry.

You’re going to be so proud of your work and everyone is going to be super impressed. Little do they know, it took you less than an hour from start to finish. This month, we’re talking about DIY projects and questions that you can ask an adjuster.

It’s easy to call a plumber when you come home and your carpet is soaked. It’s simple to leave a screaming voicemail for your insurance company when a sinkhole starts to swallow your home. All you’ve proven is that you can Google a phone number of someone else who can do the job.

I believe that YOU can prevent these problems. You can spot the telltale signs when they’re beginning and you can be armed with the knowledge to know what to do.

Will the Home Maintenance Checklist make me an expert?

Yes. How amazing will it be when friends say, “I’ve got some mold growing my air conditioning unit and I’m scared that my family is breathing this in. Do you know how to tell if it’s mold?”

You’ll answer, “I AM the mold diagnoser.” *

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I’m a Florida public adjuster, but I’m also a homeowner. To save money and to be my family’s superhero, I’m always interested in finding and trying out homeowner hacks and learning how to detect the symptoms for bigger for fixes around the house.

I’m also following commonly overlooked summer safety tips, especially because I have a pool with 3 small boys.

After buying a home, I suddenly had to add ‘handyman’ to my list. I’m starting a new campaign that positions Bulldog Adjusters as a partner to all homeowners.

#AskAnAdjuster will ask the experts for you, so that your wallet doesn’t have to

I want to see you understanding your home insurance policy, becoming a water leak detector, and becoming an expert at backyard landscaping.

You may be saying, “Why can’t I just call a company if I see a crack in my foundation? They’ll fix it”.

Yes, that’s true. This home maintenance checklist is designed for you, the homeowner, to feel empowered. You’ll know how to identify problems, and fix them before they become huge. Here are just a couple of the topics you’ll be doing with #AskAnAdjuster:

  • 7 Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them 

  • MUST-DO Backyard Landscaping Rules for 2019

  • How To Get Rid of Bathroom Mold: Tips For The Common Man

  • How to Detect A Water Leak & Prevent It From Happening


Check out my videos and keep up on the blogs as each DIY hack comes out. You can sign up for our DIY hacks here. Summer DIY projects are all about getting closer to your family, having fun and making memories.

That’s what life is all about. I’m more than a Florida public adjuster. I’m also a dad to three boys, I’m a brother, and I’m a husband.

water leak, how to detect a water leak, home maintenance checklist of 2017
The home maintenance checklist of 2019 will have weekly points that you can use to learn and stay informed as a homeowner in Florida, and the rest of the country. In Florida, we deal with sinkholes, flooding, and hurricanes. Our storms and rainy season is no joke. Have you ever seen someone kayak down your street?
Welcome to the sunshine state, where #AskAnAdjuster is your guide through the murky waters of homeownership. We visit industry experts in their natural habitats: yards, shops, homes and the office to keep you informed.

What’s the BEST part about owning a home in Florida?

I’m sure that when you think of Florida, you’re thinking about hurricanes if you don’t live here. If you do live here, you’re thinking about the pool, the beach, and the electric bill after having the air conditioning on all day.

And you’re also thinking about how to avoid the mosquitos as you heat up some ribeye on the BBQ grill. I’m with you, but in Florida, you also have to think about the your Florida home insurance.

WE COVER: Which Florida home insurance will actually settle a claim with you if your home is damaged during the next hurricane?

We want to arm you with the right facts so that you become a more powerful homeowner.

The Home Maintenance Checklist makes a bigger difference than just a fixed faucet.

Years from now you’re not going to think about how you called up the plumber to fix the pipes under the sink. You’re not going to remember going to Google and typing in, “backyard landscape company near me”.

You are going to remember getting your hands dirty while stacking stones with your spouse. Or watching your kids picking out all the grass from a spot in the yard where you’re going to create a pond in the backyard. You’re going to remember your kids faces as they look up to you, learning that hard work will produce abundance as you tighten up that leaky pipe in the bathroom.

Ask your future self: Was 2019 was the year I got closer to my family and became got confident in my handyman abilities? Your home maintenance checklist isn’t one throw away print out. It’s a series of videos, animated infographics and entertaining text.

Put down the cell phone. Let’s roll up our sleeves.

Studies backed up with scientific evidence prove that happiness is 88% based on your relationship with your family. For me, that’s completely true. I see my family everyday but I do spend most of my time at work. Let’s take a look at what else affects how happy we are.

summer diy projects, bulldog adjusters, happiness scale


Are you shocked that vacation and your coveted Gators team are actually ranked last as far as what makes employees happy?

Become a happier person by following the Home Maintenance Checklist with your family.

My point is, you’ll be a happier person when you’re able to do solve problems in your house with your family members. If you’re a happier person, I promise you, you’ll be better in your career, you’ll feel more confident and your then your family benefits big time from a happier you. Happiness is a cycle. Once  you start being happier, better stuff happens to you. Can you think of anything better than empowering yourself, being a great role model and bonding with you kids?

#AskAnAdjuster says: Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Heather is here to tell you what we’re diving into. What she didn’t mention is that #AskAnAdjuster is going to be taking YOUR questions and asking them to the experts. Your home maintenance checklist will arm you with the facts and fixes so that when you do need a professional, you know what he’s talking about.

Take a video with your iPhone or Android of you asking us ANY question and post it to our Facebook page!




We care about your home. Follow us to stay informed about home safety, trends, and tips!

*But still advise that they call an expert


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