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Uncategorized Hurricane Practices for Floods-replace a roof-roof damage-bulldog adjusters-hail damage - home damage - bulldog adjusters -Roof-replacement-bulldog adjusters-wind damage - home damage - bulldog adjusters (1)

Best Hurricane Practices for Floods

In Florida we talk a lot about best hurricane practices, but what are some of the best hurricane practices for a flood? Flood is a major concern in Florida and even a minor hurricane can deliver massive flooding.  So how do we protect ourselves from a flood? What are the best hurricane practices when it…

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Bulldog Adjusters Avoid Mold this Hurricane Season-mold-Deadlines for a property claim-roof leak - home damage - bulldog adjusters (1)

5 Ways to Avoid Mold this Hurricane Season

Among other things, homeowners must know how to avoid mold this hurricane season. Homeowners must be able to avoid mold this hurricane season since mold can quickly become a problem.  Anywhere there is moisture mold can grow and with hurricane season comes a lot of moisture as Florida residents know. So, what are some ways…

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Uncategorized hurricane season-Home Damage From Hurricane Michael- Home Damage From Hurricane Michael-hurricane damage - bulldog adjusters (1)

How Bad will This Hurricane Season be for Florida?

This hurricane season is underway and so far we’ve been pretty lucky in Florida. We’ve just entered April and Florida hasn’t had to deal with much just yet, however, this hurricane season is sure to be memorable! But how bad is this hurricane season going to get for Florida? What can we expect this hurricane…

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Bulldog Adjusters roof damage-replace a roof-bulldog adjusters-claims adjuster-public adjuster (1)roof damage-replace a roof-bulldog adjusters-claims adjuster-public adjuster (1)

How Much does It Cost to Replace A Roof?

Is it about time to replace a roof? If you need to replace a roof you are probably wondering how much it’s going to cost. Having to replace a roof is one of the biggest home maintenance expenses a homeowner must deal with. The roof is one of the most important structures of your home,…

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Bulldog Adjusters ac replacement-Does My Insurance Cover an AC Leak_ bulldog adjusters

Does My Insurance Cover an AC Leak?

Having an AC leak is far from a homeowner’s dream. In fact, having an AC leak is closer to a homeowner’s nightmare. A seemingly minor AC leak can cause water damage and lead to expensive repairs and a lot of headaches. If you have an AC leak, you may be wondering if your homeowner insurance…

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Bulldog Adjusters With ever increasing homeowner insurance premiums, more and more Florida homeowners are asking themselves if they should file a claim, and if they do file a claim, will it cause their homeowner premium to increase? fire damage_bulldog adjusters_Fire Damage Florida- How to Restore Your Home After A Fire

How Much Does Fire Damage Cost

Fire damage cost is a real risk for homeowners. A home fire can start in several ways – kitchen accidents, lightning, electrical, appliance malfunction. So, what is a fire damage cost for homeowners? Fire damage cost can be high and variable. A homeowner will typically pay between $3,000 and $26,000 for fire damage in their…

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Bulldog Adjusters pipe burst-bulldog adjusters (1)

What to do in case of pipe burst

Having a pipe burst in your home is no picnic. Water damage in your home is costly to repair and fixing the pipe burst itself can be a major expense. But having a pipe burst is not uncommon for today’s homeowners, especially if you live in a home with older pipes or you live in…

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Bulldog Adjusters Is Hidden Mold Making You Sick-bulldog adjusters (1)

Is Hidden Mold Making You Sick?

Mold grows easily and can be difficult to get rid of. Anywhere there is moisture there can be mold, and for most of Florida, that means just about anywhere, including your home. There are many types of common mold – anything from the discoloration you see in your shower tile grout to the variety that…

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Uncategorized pipe burst - water damage - bulldog adjusters (1)

5 Signs You Have Mold In Your Home

Every home contains some mold and most of the time it doesn’t cause a problem. Most types of household mold aren’t harmful to your health. But how can you tell if the mold in your home is a problem?  Mold can often grow unchecked because it thrives in moist dark places. And moist dark places…

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Bulldog Adjusters The Anatomy of a Business Interruption Policy in 2019-bulldog adjusters

The Anatomy of a Business Interruption Policy in 2019

A business interruption policy is a critical part of a business’s emergency plan. Many businesses have insurance policies to protect their property, and maybe for their liability, but many businesses don’t consider insurance that would protect their revenue.    A business interruption policy is designed to protect against lost revenue caused by a covered physical…

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Bulldog Adjusters How to Get Discounts on Your Home Insurance-bulldog adjusters

How to Get Discounts on Your Home Insurance

Are you looking for discounts on your home insurance? As insurance costs rise, you may be looking for discounts on your home insurance. Getting discounts on your home insurance is possible if you know what to look for. Here we will discuss some of the best tips for getting discounts on your home insurance and…

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Bulldog Adjusters mold-insurance company settles - water damage_bulldog adjusters (1)

13 Tips For Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair can take time, patience and diligence. Although it may seem like water damage repair shouldn’t be all that complicated, water damage can cause extensive and ongoing damage. Proper water damage repair requires mitigation and restoration. If water damage repair isn’t completed correctly, it can lead to more trouble including rot and mold.…

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Bulldog Adjusters Roof-replacement-bulldog adjusters.png

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Roof?

Are you wondering about roof replacement costs? Is the worry of roof replacement cost keeping you awake at night? There are many things to think about when considering roof replacement costs. While some costs are obvious and clear from the start. Other costs can be hidden and difficult to calculate. So, if you are wondering…

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Bulldog Adjusters mold-does-homeowners-insurance-cover-all-rain-damage-bulldog adjusters (1)

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover All Rain Damage?

With all the rain we’ve had this past weekend, we know you’re wondering: Does Homeowner’s insurance cover all rain damage? As a Florida homeowner, rain is something you’re used to in the months before and during hurricane season. One homeowner in Tamarac Florida even said on live television on Local 10 News, “Obviously (there’s) lightning,…

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Bulldog Adjusters pipe burst-plumbing leak - bulldog adjusters - best insurance claims adjuster - public adjuster-water damage - pipe leak - home damage - bulldog adjusters (1)

How To Prevent Water Damage

Preventing water damage in your home requires proper maintenance and diligence. Some water damage claims just can’t be helped – there are flooding, rain, windstorms and plumbing accidents. But many times, water damage can be avoided. Here we will look at the best strategies homeowners can use to prevent water damage in their home. Water…

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