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Denied Claim After Irma? 

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When you have damage to your property or a storm causes your business to close, call Bulldog Adjusters. We’ve consistently gotten homeowners over 700% more than they would have gotten without our services.


If you’ve already called your insurance company, let Bulldog Adjusters be your next call. At any point during the claims process, we can take the reigns and handle your claim. Get the biggest settlement possible, even if you have already spoken with your insurance company or had your claim denied.


At Bulldog Adjusters, we know that the sooner we schedule your free inspection, the sooner we can enter into the claims process and give you your settlement. We specialize in fast settlements. If your home insurance company is giving you the runaround, or they are taking too long to issue your settlement, you need to call Bulldog Adjusters, the best Florida public adjuster.

Didn't Get Enough?

We reopen your claim and get you more for your damages. Never say yes to the first settlement offer. Call Bulldog Adjusters for a larger settlement.

Did you receive your settlement check but it is not enough to cover your damages? Call Bulldog Adjusters. We will reopen your claim and maximize your settlement. Bulldog Adjusters makes sure that you get enough in your settlement to cover your damages or your loss of business.

"Homeowners need to make repairs fast. That's why we specialize in the largest possible settlement. "

Vince Lefton, CEO

Denied Claim?

Insurance companies try to save money by telling you that your deductible is more than the cost of your damage. That's not usually true. Our free inspection will let you know how much your settlement should be. 

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Let Us Give You A Drone Inspection of Your Roof Damage

"Bulldog Adjusters gave us awesome service when we really needed it - in October 2016, Hurricane Matthew hit with a vengence, and we spent more than a month in a hotel. David Flakes' help with the reams of insurance paperwork was invaluable. He was our guardian angel during a dark period of our life - calm, reassuring, and concerned about us personally. I cannot recommend Bulldog Adjusters enough!"

Anne Berkley

"I had water damage in my property with three different insurance parties involved. Bulldog Adjusters were able to advise me on the right course of action and negotiated the best deal on my behalf. I strongly recommend them."

Diego Klajner

No matter where you are in the claims process, we can help. Schedule your inspection TODAY.

Hurricane Irma Damage?