Bulldog adjusters have been handling both of my claims from hurricane Irma , my claims has been a unique situation and I would like to give a special thank you to Elizabeth Hernandez! She’s has been very professional and very attentive. She’s very personable and extremely reliable, checks in with me on a regular base with updates on my case. She’s always available for questions and answers her emails promptly. Thank you Elizabeth!

Anita RamFlorida

Bulldog adjuster are very professional, on time and very knowledgeable. I can only highly recommend their service because without it I would not have stand a chance against my insurance. Thank God they’re really did what they promised and fight for us until the end with great success.

Werner JagerGeorgia

This was our first real hurricane. Hurricane Irma did a job on our whole county. After the hurricane we were stressed beyond belief. A good friend suggested we get an adjuster and gave me Bulldogs’ business card. From the day we called, Bulldog Adjusters, they did an amazing job. We took pictures, signed a few papers and that was it! Bulldog inspectors were always on property during the insurance company inspections and ensured everything was documented properly. I will never worry about going through a hurricane again! What a relief to have Bulldog’s help. I would recommend Bulldog Adjusters to anyone that has gone through a natural disaster and has property/home damage. Forget fighting your insurance company with Bulldog. They most certainly deserve their name.

Connie YurkusFlorida

Two things: Insurance companies can go jump in a cold pool and then slap themselves, and second Bulldog Adjusters is THE BEST. I was super rude to their staff and the owner Steven. (I was not checking my privilege)
Anyways, I’m impatient. I finally gave up, but Bulldog didn’t (hence the name perhaps). Anyway he calls me out of the blue and is like “it’s done”. I was like….”whoa, even after I was so rude?” and he was kind and professional and we wrapped it up. So to summarize: Insurance company was super evil, but 18 MF Months LATER Bulldog comes through. Thanks Steve, thanks staff. If another hurricane hits I’m calling that guy on his cell and I’m going to be way nicer and more patient. THANK YOU !!!!!
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Brian IsrowFlorida

Company and adjuster who came over the house was great and professional. They went through everything in the house, places the bank never did. They help through all the way in the process. Definitely will recommend them.
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Drive A Truck Inc.South Carolina

I am so happy with this company. I would never had thought I had a good case, but they convinced me to try, and we won the claim in the amount of more than $48,000! Thank you Bulldog!!

Ivan RoseNorth Carolina

I am so glad I contacted Bulldog, they were referred to me through a friend and did a great job at getting the most out of my claim. My insurance company left me out to dry with a zero money payment for my repairs after Hurricane Irma and Bulldog got them to pay for all my repairs. They are professional and efficient. I highly recommend them.

Chris SkopisNorth Carolina

Just want to acknowledge the great work done by everyone with my Insurance Claim. Everyone was so helpful and did an amazing job from start to finish. I Highly Recommend this company and would Refer them to anyone.

Dhalia WilliamsFlorida

Very professional company. Dealt with insurance company so much better than we ever could and we got our money with no issue. Well worth the cost

Jeff MikkelsenGeorgia

Great experience! Staff was always helpful & they did all of the footwork & my claim payment was more than I ever expected. I would definitely use their services again.

Lindsay StaltareSouth Carolina