Do You Have A Slab Leak? 2018 Official Florida Homeowner’s Guide

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What is a slab leak? How can you go about slab leak detection? Approximately how much does a slab leak repair cost? Slab leaks are common in the homes of Florida owners. Before you can suspect or diagnose a slab leak, it’s important to understand what a slab leak is. After reading this article, you’ll Read more →

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2018 Hurricane Protection Guide for Your Home

Posted on Home Maintenance, Natural Disasters, News April 20, 2018

Hurricane season is close and we’re already seeing rain and hearing thunder often enough to start taking precautions.  Don’t stress about the damage that high winds and torrential rains can cause to your home. Why not? You’re preparing your house ahead of time with this 2018 guide to hurricane protection for your home. How to Hurricane Proof Your Read more →

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7 Biggest Ways To Prepare For the 2018 Hurricane Season

Posted on Homeowners Insurance, Water Damage April 18, 2018

Buckle up Florida, the 2018 Hurricane Season is on the horizon. Weather analysts are warning that we’re in for another busy one. So how should you prepare for the 2018 Hurricane Season? What precautions should you take and when should you take them? Researchers at Colorado State University predict 14 named storms, seven hurricanes and Read more →

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13 Reasons for Cracked Tiles on Floors & Walls

Posted on Homeowners Insurance, Natural Disasters, Water Damage April 18, 2018

No one wants to have cracked tiles in their floors or walls. The damage can be unsightly, hard to clean and just a plain old nuisance. But can cracked tiles be a sign of other problems in a home? What exactly causes cracked tiles in floors and walls? Cracked tiles have many causes – some Read more →

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Who Is Responsible for Home Damaged by Golf Balls?

Posted on Homeowners Insurance, Roof Damage April 16, 2018

Is your dream lifestyle of living on the golf course getting cramped by having your home damaged by golf balls? Has your dream home become a nightmare by getting damaged by golf balls? Having your home damaged by golf balls is a common problem in Florida. Florida is home to more golf courses than any Read more →

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