7 Most Common Home Insurance Claims in Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia home insurance claims-bulldog adjusters-roof damage checklist-roof-leak-missing-shingles-bulldog adjusters-best local public adjusters-roof leakIf you are planning on relocating to Georgia or the Southeast, you may be wondering what the most common Georgia home insurance claims are. The most common Georgia home insurance claims include windstorms, water losses, and fires.

While the number of claims filed in a category can vary from year to year due to natural disasters and other events, there is useful data that indicates the most common Georgia home insurance claims are pretty much like those in the rest of the Southeast.

The good news is typically home insurance protection that will cover you from common Georgia home insurance claims is available. Here we will discuss the seven most common claims as well as pointers on how to prevent and deal with them if they do arise.


1. Wind and hail damage take the lead for common Georgia home insurance claims

Wind and hail damage are typically lumped together on a home insurance policy. Georgia has a lot of coastline which makes it susceptible to the Atlantic hurricane storm season. Hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes can cause significant storm damage. So, it’s not a surprise that wind is behind the most common Georgia home insurance claims.

Windstorm damage is often severe. It can cause damage to roofs, windows, trees, fences and other home structures. Because such damage can be costly to repair, many homeowners seek to file wind damage claims with their insurance company.

Wind is a leading cause of Georgia home insurance claims, so it’s important to make sure your home is protected with the proper insurance. Also, be mindful of your deductibles. Some policies include a separate deductible for wind or hail damage.

2. Water damage: A common cause of Georgia home insurance claims

Water damage is also a common cause of Georgia home insurance claims. Water damage claims can happen to anyone and at any time. Water damage claims are common because a variety of factors causes them. Pipe bursts, leaking pipes, freezing pipes and appliance malfunctions can lead to water damage claims.

When it comes to Georgia home insurance claims, water damage can also be costly to repair. Often plumbing leaks are unnoticed until they have done extensive damage. Be on the lookout for plumbing leaks by practicing these tips:

  • Monitor your water usage. If there are changes in your water bill, there may be a problem.
  • Hot water leaks can also cause spikes in your heating bill.
  • Cracked, buckling or warping floor tiles or laminate may be a sign of a water leak.
  • Check water connected appliances regularly to make sure the hoses and attachment points are in good working condition.

3. Fire and lightning and Georgia home insurance claims

Fire and lightning are one of the top causes of Georgia home insurance claims. A lightning strike can lead to fire and cause significant damage to a home’s electrical system.

If you have a catastrophic fire damage claim, it can take many months for your claim to settle and for the repairs to be completed on your home. Remember, fire is one of the most common Georgia home insurance claims. Lessen your chances of suffering from a fire damage claim with the following tips:

  • Install smoke detectors on every floor of your home. Check them periodically to make sure they are in good working order.
  • Don’t leave the kitchen unattended while cooking.
  • Keep outdoor grills at least three feet away from your home.
  • Create a fire emergency plan for your family and practice.

4. Various property damage causes Georgia home insurance claims

One of the leading causes of Georgia home insurance claims is non-specified property damage. Non-specified property damage includes property damage to your home that occurs from an accident or a cause not explicitly covered on your policy.

There are many examples of this type of property damage, and they can be a common cause of Georgia home insurance claims. Examples include:

  • The pizza delivery driver backs into your mailbox
  • Your son spills a gallon of paint on the patio floor, staining the concrete
  • A tree limb falls onto your shed

Property damage accidents are typically covered under Georgia home insurance claims, but homeowners should be careful when filing this type of claim. Check the deductible on your policy to make sure it’s worth it.

5. Georgia home insurance claims and liability

Many homeowners don’t realize there is liability coverage on their home insurance policy, but there is such a thing as Georgia home insurance claims that involve liability. If you are being held responsible for someone’s property damage or injury, you may seek coverage under your liability protection. Georgia home insurance claims include coverage to repair or replace their property or to pay for their medical bills.

6. Theft: One of the common Georgia home insurance claims

Theft is among the most common Georgia home insurance claims. The good news is that theft is typically included in home insurance policies, so you can hopefully recover your financial losses if you are a victim. There are a couple of important points when it comes to theft and Georgia home insurance claims:

  • Highly valuable items may not be covered for theft. Things such as jewelry, art, and firearms may be excluded or included only up to a specific dollar amount on some Georgia home insurance claims.
  • Installing a home security system can not only help prevent theft but can also earn you a discount on your home insurance policy.

7. Growing flood risk and Georgia home insurance claims

It would be remiss to talk about Georgia home insurance claims and not mention flood risk. Flooding is a growing problem across the state. Georgia is particularly vulnerable because of its proximity to the Atlantic and Gulf coasts as well as its many rivers, creeks, and streams.

Flood is becoming a more common loss for Georgia home insurance claims, and sadly, many of those claims are not covered. Typical home insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood. Talk to an insurance professional about securing flood coverage for your home. If you do have any issues with home insurance claims in Atlanta, Georgia, call Bulldog Adjusters!

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