2017 Hurricane Protection Guide for Your Home

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Hurricane season is close and we’re already seeing rain and hearing thunder often enough to start taking precautions.  Don’t stress about the damage that high winds and torrential rains can cause to your home. Why not? You’re preparing your house ahead of time with this 2017 guide to hurricane protection for your home.

How to Hurricane Proof Your Home: Your 2017 Guide


Step One: Strap Down the Roofhurricane proof, hurricane protection, hurricane proof your home, storm proof your home

Hurricane straps or clips strengthen the attachment of your roof to your house’s frame, thereby reducing roof damage. Florida’s Division of Emergency Management is a great source for information on how to retrofit your roof to withstand a hurricane. During a hurricane, stay in the lowest level of your home.

A roof can collapse quickly if the support beam is compromised. This can happen to your business as well. Make sure that you understand the policy that you have as far as insurance. Part of your hurricane protection guide is having insurance so that if damage does occur, you don’t have to pay for the repairs out of pocket.



Step Two: Find Reliable Window Covers

Window covers are going to help reinforce the windows of your home. Sounds obvious right? Not to over 50% of homeowners, who don’t cover their windows before big storms and hurricanes. Hurricane proof your home with the golden rule of hurricane protection: window covers.

The windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. You can invest in custom-cut window covers made out of marine plywood or exterior grade plywood. Alternatively, you can install storm shutters. What’s better? First off, think about the 90 mile an hour winds that will be slamming into your window faster than a speeding car. Your window covers are the armor between the inside of your home and the raging winds, bending trees and flying cows outside.

Wood vs. Vinyl Storm Shuttersstorm hunter, hurricane safety, home hurricane protection, hurricane proof your home

Pros of wood window covers:

  • Real wood shutters come in a few different styles
  • Better insulation
  • Can come with a vinyl or composite covering

Cons of wood window covers:

  • Can be compromised in high moisture areas
  • More expensive
  • Not eco-friendly

Pros of vinyl window covers:

  • More eco-friendly
  • Cheaper cost
  • Great in areas like Florida with high moisture

Cons of vinyl window covers:

  • Size limitations because of shaping issues
  • Lower rates are low for a reason
  • Much heavier



Step Three. Hurricane Protection for Your Yardbulldog adjusters, hurricane proof your home, hurricane protection, Florida insurance

Fierce winds can uproot trees and whip gravel into the air that can then damage your home. Be sure you:

  • Trim all your trees. This trimming will reduce the surface area of your trees, meaning there will be less for the wind to catch.
  • Tie down small trees and shrubs. This can prevent them from being uprooted.
  • Get a professional opinion. Hire an arborist to come to your property and inspect your trees. If any are dying, remove them so they won’t blow over during the next storm and damage your home.
  •  Replace the gravel in your driveway or walkway with mulch. The mulch will cause less damage if the wind picks it up.

Trimming your trees and tying down large plants and doing all of the above is great advice, right? The last thing you’d want to forget is actually taking your lawn chairs into the garage. Just think: anything that’s not tied down will end up on your neighbor’s roof.

Step Four. Tax-Free Weekend in Florida: Save Money on Hurricane Protection

One of the benefits of living in Florida is the tax-free weekend that is ideal for Hurricane necessities and occurs from June 2nd-June 4th, 2017. Some items that are included this tax-free weekend include:

  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Coolers and ice chests
  • Any gas or diesel fuel container
  • Tarps
  • Tie-down kits
  • Radios
  • Portable generators – $750 or less

Hurricanes are an unfortunate part of life in the Southeast. However, you don’t have to let them take you by surprise. Make sure your home is ready to withstand upcoming storms. Hurricane protection is our number one concern. We want your family to stay safe, so do follow the above steps and be prepared.


If, despite your best preparation efforts, your home does incur damage, contact Bulldog Adjusters so you can get the best insurance payout possible.

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